Quarto Board Game


Quarto is recognised as one of the top games of the past 30 years. It is an outstanding test of deductive reasoning, is mentally tough and requires focus, concentration and a poker-face.

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  • A board with 16 squares.
  • 16 di?erent pieces each with 4 characteristics: light or dark, round or square, tall or short, solid or hollow.
    Quarto Board Game


At the start of the game, the pieces are arranged at the side of the board.

Object of the Game

To establish a line of four pieces, with at least one common characteristic on the board.

Quarto Board Game

The line of pieces may be across the board, up and down, or along a diagonal.

Quarto Board Game

Game Play

The players throw dice to see who starts. The ?rst player selects one of the 16 pieces and gives it to his opponent.

That player places the piece on any square on the board; he must then choose one of the 15 pieces remaining and give it to his opponent. – In his turn, that player places the piece on a empty square, and so on…

Winning the game

The game is won by the ?rst player to call “QUARTO!”

  1. A player calls “QUARTO !” and wins the game when, as he places the piece given to him:
    • He creates a line of 4 light pieces or 4 dark pieces or 4 round pieces or 4 square pieces or 4 tall pieces or 4 short pieces or 4 solid pieces or 4 hollow pieces.Di?erent characteristics can accumulate.
    • He does not need to have placed the 3 other pieces himself.
    • He must declare his win by calling “QUARTO !”
  2. If this player has not noticed the alignment and passes a piece to the opponent: The latter may “at that moment” call “QUARTO !” and indicate the alignment: He wins the game.
  3. If none of the players sees the alignment during the move during which it is created, it loses any value and the game continues.
  • 2 Players
  • Ages 8+
  • 20 Minutes

End of the Game

  • Game winner:?A player who calls and points out a “QUARTO !”
  • Game even:?All the pieces have been placed and no winner declared.

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Also available from The Big Box is the mini size here: https://www.thebigbox.co.za/game/quarto-mini-board-game/

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