Passe-Trappe Giant Board Game


Passe-Trappe Giant
A fun dexterity game that can be played in only a few minutes. The board is split in two by a wall with a small gap in the center. Your objective is to be the first to shoot your disks though the gap using the elastic band stretched across your back wall.

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Rules of the game:
Each player places their five disks anywhere on their half of the playing surface board but not blocking the opening in the center. Both players will play at the same time. To start the game clap hands with your opponent.

The goal of the game is to be the first player to slide all his disks through the opening into his opponent’s half. To shoot the disks players slide their disks using the elastic band on their end of the board. A player may only play with one hand. A disk must pass completely through the opening to count. If a disk gets caught in the opening it cannot be retrieved until it has been pushed through to one side or the other by another disk. If a disk passes over the central bar, it must be retrieved by the shooting player. The first player to win three matches wins.

Includes :
– 1 wooden board
– 2 long elastic bands
– 10 disks
– 6 score markers
– 1 sand timer
Dimensions : 99cm x 53 cm


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