Gloobz Board Game


Players need to act quickly to grab the right things from the table before anyone else can.  One player calls out “More Gloobz” or “Less Gloobz” before flipping a card.

Players scramble to grab the correct pieces in order to score points. When the MegaGloobz or Magnifying Glass appear, the rules change!

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Object of the Game

Each Gloobz has a shape and a color. The shapes are symbolized by the three figurines and the colors by the three paint pots. On each player’s turn, a card showing a Gloob is turned over.

If the current player shouts ‘More Gloobz’! before turning over the card, you need to quickly catch the figurines with the most color(s) and shape(s) on the card… but if the player shouts ‘Less Gloobz!’, you need to catch the figurines with the color(s) and shape(s) which are not shown at all or are shown the least.

Each correct figurine picked up scores you a point and brings you closer to the objective. But beware, some special cards make the task more difficult for you.


Create a pile with the cards face down.
Position the seven figurines (the three Gloob figures, the Megagloobz and the three paint pots) in a circle on the table, leaving enough space in the center: the players must place cards there during the game.


Gloobz Board Game

Each player takes a score trackers and places it on the 0. The number of points needed to win the game depends on the number of players:

  • 2 and 3 players: 36 points
  • 4 and 5 players: 24 points
  • 6 players: 18 points

Game Play

The youngest player takes the first turn. The player whose turn it is clearly states ‘More Gloobz’ or ‘Less Gloobz’ then he quickly turns over the first card in the pile and places it in the center of the circle created by the seven figurines.

It is important that all players see the card at the same time.

If the player whose turn it is states ‘More Gloobz’, all players must quickly catch each Gloob whose shape appears the most number of times on the card and each paint pot whose color appears the most number of times.

There might be the same number of several shapes and/or several colors of which there are the most. In this case, you need to catch all of the figurines in question

If the player has stated ‘Less Gloobz!’, the players must catch all Gloobz whose shape does not appear on the card and all paint pots whose color does not appear on the card.

If all shapes and/or colors appear at least once, players need to catch the Gloobz and the paint pot which appear the least on the card.

There might be the same number of several shapes and/or several colors of which there are the least. In this case, players need to catch all figurines, Gloobz, and paint pots in question.

Once the players have picked up the figurines, it is time to check them:

  • players score 1 point for each correct figurine picked up and consequently move their score trackers forward.
  • players lose 1 point for each incorrect figurine picked up and move their score trackers back.

After checking, the player on the left of the active player becomes the new active player and a new turn begins

End of the Game

When a player has reached the score determined at the start of the game, he or she is the winner.


  • 56 Gloobz cards
  • 3 white Gloobz figurines
  • 3 paint pot figurines
  • 1 multi-colored Megagloobz figurine
  • 6 score trackers
  • Instructions

Additional Info

  • Ages 6+
  • 2 – 6 Players
  • 20 Minutes

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